My Turn

I loathe being sick.  I knew with the girls being sick I probably wouldn’t avoid it, but I’m on Day 4 now, and ready for it to be gone.  I can’t breathe, my throat hurts, I’m achy and yes, I’m whining a lot.  Katie Perry wrote a song about me, because I’m hot then I’m cold…and yes, I think I’m kind of loopy too.

I’d like to say I’m a trooper when I’m sick, but I’m not really.  I used to take Dayquil when I was sick, and it really helped.  But I can’t take that anymore, and nothing with Advil, so my options are limited.  I do like the menthol cough/sore throat drops Husband found for me, and they work great.  I did get the girls to urgent care yesterday because their crud turned into eye infections and I needed to get them taken care of.  I am hopeful I won’t get that part.

Even being able to watch The Walton’s (I Love that show!) didn’t make me feel better.  I’m waking myself up snorting because I can’t breathe (which I’m sure is really attractive to Husband) and I’m so achy I can only sleep on my back.  And, I need to say it again, I’m really whining a lot.

I need to be better by Friday because Boys Varsity won the first two basketball games and Friday is their next game, which, if they win, takes them to the finals on Saturday.  The girls are cheering, and these will be the last games Oldest One cheers for high school, so I don’t want to miss them.  I want to be there with everyone else from the school cheering them on and being part of the amazing energy.

And since I’ve now found a happy thought, I’m going to go get a menthol drop and think more about more cheerful things.