Smurfy Mess

Husband and I made such a mess last night, and laughed so much.  I wanted to make a new dessert for Thanksgivukkah (Thanksgiving and Chanukkah) this year.  I usually make a sheet cake that I cut into a dreidel and frost.  This year, since this won’t happen again for 77,000 years, I wanted to do something different.  So I found a recipe for blue velvet cupcakes that are blue frosted and have dreidles on top.

This isn’t my first time making a red velvet cake.  For Little One’s last birthday she wanted a red velvet cake.  I found out too late I was out of red food coloring, so I made it purple, which is one of her favorite colors, and colored the cream cheese frosting two different shades of purple, and she loved it.  So I felt confident going into this I would be fine with the new recipe.  Ha!

First wrong move was Husband asking me to triple it, not just double it.  Now, I did think the amounts were bigger than I’d used last time, but this batter was supposed to be thicker than normal, and I went with it saying it made 12 cupcakes.  That was wrong, it made 24, and I tripled it.  We couldn’t use our stand mixer, because there was so much.  We ended up transferring the batter to our biggest metal bowl and I used the hand mixer.  We could have bathed the dogs in a blue bath there was so much.

Then we did the color.  You add the color to the coco, so you really can’t see the color until you add that to the main batter.  I thought it looked too green, but Husband thought it was a nice blue.  But he’s color blind, and he admitted he had no idea what color it was, just that it looked nice.  So I added some pink and some green and came up with a really pretty blue.  Smurf blue.  That looked like it came out of a Smurf.  You can imagine it from there.

As Husband said during clean up, it looked we had has slaughtered thousands of Smurfs.  The island table and counters were blue.  Our fingers and hands were blue.  Eventually our tongues and lips were blue.  It was everywhere, and just kept multiplying.

No problem, because yummy cupcakes overcome Smurf blue everywhere, right?  Except these weren’t good.  Husband said they tasted like pancakes, and Oldest said it was like a sweet cornbread.  So not cupcake!  Oldest one’s friend said it was kind of cornbread like as he quietly tried to shove it down the sink.  Huge failure, but Husband and Oldest said they’d eat them as is.  Little One wasn’t home, but I can imagine she wouldn’t want to try them.

But the night wasn’t the dismal failure it seemed.  Husband and I had so much fun doing this, especially after we figured out we had made way too much, and it wasn’t working.  The Smurf jokes just didn’t end.  My face hurt from laughing.  When Oldest one got home she joined in, and I actually got to bed really late for me because I was enjoying the joking and laughter so much.   Who knew a bad cupcake recipe could be so much fun?