Change of Heart on Cheering

Yesterday after I got home from work, but before the girls left for club cheer practice Little One and I had time to chat.  It’s their spring break, so she slept in, and cleaned my bathroom.  I gave her a list of cleaning and told her I’d pay her, cash or nail supplies her choice, if she did them.  Lovely child that she is my bathroom was tackled first.  It sparkled she had cleaned it so well.

The conversation got around to club cheer as it does so often right now, and she told me she thinks she will stay in club cheer next year, and with school cheer too.  She thinks she would be unhappy and miss competing if she gives it up after six years.  She has been talking with her coach, and she might go down a level to be able to do tumbling passes again while working on what she needs to be on the high level team and be a tumbler.

I am not surprised at this change of heart, and Husband isn’t either (although he was pretty happy at the thought of not doing cheer competitions next year).  I think this shows good reason for sticking to our rule of making them follow through on commitments.  If I had let her stop a month ago she’d be miserable with the decision she had made, which would have made life miserable.  A pouty, cranky teenage girl isn’t good for anyone.

Doing competitive cheer has been a very positive experience for the girls, and although a break would have been nice, I think she is making the right decision.  Granted, I am the chauffer next year, so it means a lot of driving again, but nothing I haven’t done before.  She has learned a lot of skills being part of a team at our gym, and I know continuing on for another four years will make her a stronger person better able to cope with what life throws at her.  If you can figure out how to get along with the snarky girls on the team, and avoid the drama mama’s you can pretty much handle it all.

It doesn’t mean she won’t cry at things, because she will, a lot.  She’ll still have to figure out how to navigate all the girl problems in high school, because no matter what high school a person goes to, there is always some sort of drama with girls.  But it will help her continue to learn how to stand up for herself, and to say no, and to take a stand on what is important.  I have watched Oldest One become a leader, a lot of it due to being in the cheer world, and I know Little One is going to evolve down that path too.  Plus, the gym is family to her, and she would hate to give up a part of her family that has been there so long.

So next year will be another year of running to various back-to-back cheer practices,  watching Little One cheering at school sporting events, going to competitions in and out of state, and making everything work when there are multiple commitments all happening the same day around the same time.  It sounds perfect, and I am up for the fun!