Score for Dr. Seuss!

When Oldest One and I were at Wal-Mart last Sunday we picked out a book for the daughter of the Receptionist at my work place. I wrote a while back about how she hadn’t thought to read to her daughter, and I told her how much my girls had loved being read to as little ones. Since our conversation she has started to read to her daughter, and she told me her daughter will often bring her a book so she can be read to. I know they don’t have many books right now, and Mom goes to school at night, so getting to the library isn’t easy.

Oldest One first grabbed a book that was not going to work for a two year old. I steered her towards the board books, and we started looking. Oldest One looked at the prices and said we needed to go to Goodwill and get her a lot of books. I said it was a great idea for next weekend, but right then we didn’t have time, and I wanted to get something because the Receptionist was such a nice person trying to do her best by her daughter. So we are going this weekend to look for books.

We bought the board book version of Dr. Seuss’s Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. My girls had loved the full version of the book, and it seemed like the perfect one to buy, especially since Oldest Agreed. I put it into my lunch bag when we got home so I wouldn’t forget it, and gave it to the Receptionist on Monday morning.

Tuesday morning the Receptionist was very excited to tell me how much her daughter loved the book. Her daughter ran to get rings to put on her fingers, and had a drum she could use while reading the book. She was even saying “dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum” and asking to have it read one more time, then one more time, then one more time…you get the idea. I loved hearing that!

I loved reading books to my girls, and one day 13 plus years away (I hope) I will buy up every board book I can find to read to my grandchildren, and then add to the collection as they grow older. I’d like to do volunteer work down the road with reading to kids, or reading for the blind, or anything around books. I can go on forever about how wonderful books are, and I love to share with others what I read, hear what they read, and keep a list (okay, maybe a binder) of books I want to read. I may not ever travel in space, or meet a werewolf, but I know I can do that and more every time I pick up a book.


I love to read.  It relaxes me and calms me down, and just makes the world a better place.  I can’t remember not spending time buried in a book.  As a child I had two big bookcases in my room, both completely stuffed with books.  I like being transported into a different reality, and losing myself in a story.

Husband and I always read to the girls.  When I was pregnant with Oldest One we bought a big nursery rhymes book and would read that to my stomach, and I would sing the ones that had a tune I knew.  Little One adored nursery rhymes when she was little, and we own several books of them.  It was common for the girls to bring books to us and ask us to read to them.  As they got older I would tell them what books I used to read, and they enjoyed many of them.

So when I was talking to someone at my workplace that has a toddler and no books in the house it completely floored me.  How can there not be books in the house to read to a child?  No matter how young?  As the conversation continued it seemed like getting books and reading to her daughter just hadn’t occurred to her.  I suggested the library (my girls used to love going there) and it was an “oh yeah” moment for her, as she told me her family used to take her younger sister to the library, and that was always fun.

Oldest One isn’t much on reading outside of required class reading.  Not because she doesn’t like to, but because she is a slow reader; she may read slowly, but she remembers all of it.  Every summer she starts Little Women again because she wants to get through it.  I have faith that one summer she will have the time, and she will love the book as much as I do.

Little One is a huge reader.  She has a Kindle, she has a bookcase, and she loves having a book going on her Kindle and a regular book to read.  She is the person who reads more than one book at a time.  During the summer she goes to the library and brings home 12 or 15 books at a time.  Right now she is reading Little Women for school, and I just read it again in the last year or so, and it has been fun talking about it with her.

I think I might have to get a couple of Sandra Boynton books for this person at work so she can start a collection for her daughter.  I have a hard time if I finish one book and don’t have another one to read, and I just can’t imagine a house without books.  It sounds horrible.  And sad.  The world is a much better place because there are more books to read than there is time to get to them.