More Puke & No Sleep

Definitely a 3 Dew day today.  Oldest One started throwing up around 2a this morning…I think it was 2a but since I didn’t sleep much after that who knows.  Yes, she is 17, but she is still a kid and wanted comfort.  There was nothing I could do except stand in the bathroom watching her puke, then get her back in bed, cover her up and lay next to her rubbing her back.  Which was what she wanted.

At one point I thought I was laying my head on one of the two hundred pillows on her bed, but it was actually the White Fluffy Dog.  He wasn’t very impressed.  And Oldest One kept laying in odd ways across her bed, so I couldn’t get under the covers.  I was wearing long sleeve, long pant pajamas, but I didn’t have socks on, so I was really cold all night.  Fat Grey Cat started licking my foot when it was hanging off the bed, which didn’t impress me.

Husband didn’t sleep either, because I’d get her settled, go back upstairs to bed, and then my phone would go off (and my text notification is Chewbacca snarling/roaring) and I’d jump which would wake him up.  He was wonderful and packed my breakfast, lunch and 3 Mt Dew’s and took Little One to school.  He is so a keeper!

So many of the school cheerleaders are out sick there aren’t enough to go cheer at the basketball playoff games.  This is one nasty bug going around.  I’m hopeful it leaves my house soon and doesn’t come back.