Prom Dress Search, The Sequal

Saturday is prom dress shopping for Oldest One.  Two of her good friends are going, and one of my good friends is coming along.  Little One opted to stay home and babysit my friend’s son.  That says a lot about what the experience was like last year, since Little One usually loves to come along.

Last year Oldest One decided to go to prom shortly before it happened.  I figured we wouldn’t have any problems finding a dress, and since we were already going shopping to get two dresses for Little One for her Bat Mitzvah I thought it would be easy.  I was so wrong.  We found Little One’s two dresses fairly quickly.  Oldest One was more difficult.

We started out at the mall, where we had 3 department stores, plus some of the smaller stores that were carrying prom dresses.  Everything Oldest One tried on looked great, and she didn’t like any of it.  So we went to David’s Bridal, where she tried on more dresses that were lovely on her that she said she wouldn’t wear.  From there we went to a mall nowhere near where we live, but that had several stores our mall didn’t.  More dresses tried, more dresses found lacking.  We went to another mall, no luck.  I’m getting tired, she is getting frustrated, and we are a week and a half out from prom.  So we go to one of the oldest and biggest bridal stores in our town on a Saturday morning with my friend and her son, with Oldest One sick, to hopefully find the dress. Which we did!

The dress cost a lot more than I wanted to spend, even though it was half off, but at that point I didn’t care because We Had Found A Dress!!!  We took the dress to her friend’s Mom, who took it in and added a slit in the side (it was a long dress).  She couldn’t find shoes she liked, which was another round of shopping, so she wore a pair she owned that matched beautifully.  She went on her own to buy the jewelry, and when it came time to leave for prom she looked stunning.

This year we are starting earlier, and she has done some research on the internet so she has a couple of styles in mind.  Long and strapless, which is what looks best on her.  She is too tall for the shorter, fuller skirted styles.  Our plan is to start at the mall, hit all the stores there, and if nothing is found (and I am so hopeful it will be found at the mall) we will go to David’s Bridal.  If nothing is found there, then we have to go another day to another place.  I promised her we would get ice cream in between stores at the mall to keep all of us going.

I didn’t go to prom (I had a date my senior year, but he ended up in jail; I didn’t go to prom and didn’t see him again) so I really want to make prom special for the girls.  Oldest one will get a manicure and pedicure and have her hair done, and my friend will do make-up.  She gets to stay out past curfew with her friends.  Little One will get the same treatment when it is her turn.  As long as I survive finding a dress this year I’m sure the rest will be smooth sailing.