So Painful!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to drive to Big Name Clinic for a test. This test is important, because it will determine which specialist I see next, and be another step closer to getting off the recliner and getting my life back.

Husband drove me there, both because I just can’t really drive, and because I knew this test would be painful, so it was good to have him with me. We got there in plenty of time, signed in, and sat down in the very crowded waiting area to wait for my name to be called.  They don’t call just first names, they use a person’s first and last name, so there won’t be confusion over which Bob is being called.  Or so they hope.

So they call Mrs. Broad, and Husband and I stand up and go with the nice lady with the clipboard. This couple, an older (older than me at least) couple stood up and started walking at the same time, but another name had been called by another person, so it was all good.  Except this couple seemed determined to trip me and my cane up, and were crowding Husband and me as we tried to walk and follow our escort.  We got to a break in the hallway, and suddenly Husband and I are standing with our escort, and with this other couple.  The other woman looks at us and asks if we are with the escort.  Um, yes, they called my name.  She said, well, they called out Broad, so she just got up and went.  Since she wasn’t Mrs. Broad, but Other Broad, she had to go back out in the waiting area.  People, please listen!

The test I was having was an EMG, in which electricity is shot through my nerves in 2 different ways. I know, what fun!  The first part was using electrodes stuck to various areas on my legs.  The RN put the electrodes in place, and held them down, and the Tech manned the computer.  The first pulse is small, than bigger, Bigger BIGger, BIGGEST.  It was great.  And painful.  I got a break in between each series as they measured the distance between electrodes, and then moved them to a different place on my leg.  They finished, but came back because the Dr. wanted more done, and on both legs, and started it up again.  I asked if they had people scream or cry, and they said yes, some people couldn’t finish the test.  I held tight to the table and breathed, but I didn’t Scream!  Score for me!

The second part was done by the Dr., and he stuck small needles into the nerves, and then sent electricity through them. He was listening to my nerves talk to each other, but to me it sounded like static.  Was this part painful? Yes, much worse than the first part.  After the first zap Husband jumped up and gave me his hand.  He actually had both his hands wrapped around my hand as I squeezed his hand hard, and concentrated on breathing.  The Dr. and Husband both told me I did great.  I googled about this after the test, and came up with headings about people screaming through all of this.  I didn’t scream, and I didn’t pass out, so all in all I was pretty proud of myself

The one thing I hadn’t expected was how I would feel afterwards. I’ve had an EMG done on my arm, and I just went about my day.  Yesterday though, I was sick.  I could barely walk to the car, and didn’t want to talk on the drive home.  I just wanted to get into bed.  Oldest One called when we were almost home, and I chatted for a few minutes then gave the phone to Husband, and let him talk for a while, and he told me what was happening in her life.  I felt awful all night, like I had the flu.  I couldn’t find anyone else when I googled who felt sick, so I have no idea why that part happened.

I find out the results tomorrow, so today I’m going to relax in the recliner and not think about it, or at least try not to. I still don’t feel myself, so I think reading and watching TV are going to be my big goals.  And petting White Fluffy Dog, because that makes both of us happy.