I am antsy. I have started two books, and couldn’t get into either of them.  That is so not me.  I can’t find a comfortable position, I keep yawning but I’m not tired, and I can’t focus on anything.

I was busy today. I had to call a work contact at the University about a parking ticket Oldest One got (had to pay it), and take care of some work emails.  I had medical paperwork to fill out.  I needed to figure out all sorts of different dates for the various paperwork stuff I did.  It was stimulating.

It’s the recliner. My beloved recliner.  That I’ve been sitting in for months.  I think all the sitting has gotten to me today.  Tonight.  The most I can do is change position to try to find a more comfortable one.  It’s not working.  I’m not working

Tomorrow will be better. I’ll wake up and it will be a better day.  I am nothing if not hopeful.