We Love the Orange

I just read an article about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The Mom who wrote it is talking about how several varieties are not going to be orange anymore, and how since most parents who want their kids to be healthy don’t serve this very often so maybe it’s okay to leave the color. Or something along those lines. Which immediately made me feel guilty, and like a bad Mom.

We ALWAYS have the blue box(es) in our cabinet. It’s easy to whip out and make, and can bridge the girls between cheer practices, or be a late dinner, or a weekend lunch, or just because. It’s easy, and the girls love the taste. I love the taste, and Husband always grabs some. I’d love to make super healthy meals, and buy all organic, and be the person all these article writers seem to be. But I’m not.

Last November Husband did go on a healthy kick, and it was awesome. He’s a great cook, and can do amazing and tasty things with kale. The girls didn’t always enjoy the meals, but hey, we had the blue box to fall back on. Husband lost a lot of weight, I lost some weight, and we were on our way. Until reality intruded, and we had out-of-state cheer competitions, a Bat Mitzvah, and all the end-of-school-and-cheer-year activities. Now we are back to getting chicken at the grocery store and on a good night microwaving some vegetables to go with it.

I truly admire those Moms who work all day, cook amazing organic meals, keep a super clean house, have terrific kids, and who don’t need any sleep. I am not personally friends with any, but I read a lot of articles written by them. I work all day, and then often go to school or cheer activities, and for dinner all I care about is that there is some kind of food available. And that it didn’t cost too much because I have checks pending and the mortgage is about to be paid. My house is never clean, it is always cluttered. I do have terrific kids, but they can get on my nerves and can drive me crazy. I do best on about nine, nine and a half hours of sleep, but can (and usually have to) make do with less and some Mt. Dew.

We all want the best for our kids, and there are tons of ways for that to happen. I hope what the girls remember is not the clean house (ha, ha!) or the healthy and organic meals (because there haven’t been a lot) but that Husband and I were always available to talk to, we were at all of their activities yelling ourselves hoarse for them, and the fun times we had watching movies, playing games, or stuck in a hotel room with no money to do anything in a different city besides go to the cheer competition we were there for, so we had to entertain each other. In the years to come as they go out on their own they’ll grab the blue box because it’s what they know, and hopefully they’ll smile as they remember all the fun things that happened around eating orange-colored cheesy pasta.