Stupid Idiot Woman

Computer issues have kept me busy for the past 2 days, and unable to use my laptop. Since I’m trapped in the recliner, the laptop is my lifeline for everything.  I’m pretty sure it caught the virus from the pop-up ads that kept appearing when I was reading my favorite cartoon…I was a month behind.  I’ll have to find a new place to read it, since I don’t want to go through all that again.

This morning Husband took me to Wal-Mart. I know, fun capital of the world!  But, since I have a hard time even walking around a store, so I don’t get out of the house much, this really was an event for me.  Especially since I made it through the whole list I made.  It was pretty uneventful until we left.

As we walked out to the car we saw a car waiting on someone leaving to get that parking place, and a car behind them. The person putting groceries into the car that was being waited on was a little old lady, and I could tell as soon as I saw the situation that there was no way this lovely senior citizen was going to be done getting everything out of the cart and into the car before Husband got all of our stuff in the car and we were ready to leave.

This is important because the woman waiting for the spot was waiting in front of our car, so we couldn’t back out. And understand, right now I have to use a cane to walk, so it’s not like we move fast.  I don’t have anything for handicapped parking, because hopefully this isn’t going to last forever.  So, we weren’t parked right up front, but close enough that this woman really wanted the little old lady’s spot.

Sure enough, Husband put the stuff in the car, put the cart into the cart holder, and got into the car while the little old lady was still puttering around. So of course, since she had room, the lady waiting for the spot backed up enough for us to get our car out, right?  Because the car behind her backed up to give her more room to do that.  And because Husband had backed up, showing her we wanted to leave.  Nope, the stupid woman didn’t even acknowledge our car had moved.

Husband finally got out of the car and waved his arms at her to back up, to which she gestured she was waiting for the little old lady to be done, and turned her head. Husband got back into the car.  I so wanted to get out of the car and start waving my cane around in a somewhat threating manner, and I probably had plenty of time, but I didn’t.

Finally the little old lady made it out of the spot, and the stupid idiot woman got out of our way. I know I shouldn’t be amazed at the stupid idiot woman’s lack of courtesy, but I am.  I would never do anything like that, either would Husband, and we hopefully taught Oldest One to never do that.  If I, gimpy with a cane, park farther back in the lot and manage to walk, you can bet I have no patience with someone with no problems other than laziness doing this so she can be closer to the door.

I see a lot of people ignore what I think is common courtesy. When I point it out Husband always reminds me it is because those people are much more important than anyone else (sarcasm here, in case it’s not coming through).  I try hard to be courteous and polite to everyone.  It’s not hard to do, it doesn’t cost anything, and most people appreciate it.  I don’t understand why common courtesy seems to be so difficult.

Since I’m not going to solve that problem right now, I think I’ll just have some chocolate covered raisins (bought during my Wal-Mart outing) and read some good blogs. Because chocolate and good blogs always make my day better!

Entitlement & Idiots

I read an article yesterday about an 18 year old girl who moved out of her parents’ home into a friend’s home because she didn’t like the rules her parents set, and this girl is now suing her parents to get them to finish paying her private high school tuition, pay her college tuition, and something else monetary.    The lawsuit is being paid for by the friend’s father, who is asking for all of the fees he is paying to be paid back to him by the parents.  The rules she didn’t like were to be respectful, abide by the set curfew, and to maybe rethink the relationship with the boyfriend.  Those evil, nasty parents!

I’d like to think there is more to the story then this girl leaving because of three pretty standard rules.  Oldest One, who is still 17, has a curfew we expect her to keep, and we also expect her to be respectful with everyone.  No boyfriend, so we don’t have that issue, and I can’t say what I would do if she brought home someone who seemed to be bad for her.  But, going by just the few facts presented in the article, what I get is a spoiled, self-centered child who thinks she is an adult being guided by a so-called adult who is an idiot.

Husband and I have been in situations where the parenting is questionable, so we do what we can to help the child and have our home be a safe place.  It would never enter my mind to sue the parent for anything.  If a situation were so unsafe the child needed another place to live we’d be there.  If the parent was just having a hard time, and needed help we’d be there.  It’s easy to place blame on how other parents raise their kids, and us parents are the first to point fingers and whisper, but to go down the road of convincing a child to sue their parents seems way out of line.

An update to the article showed the judge ruled the parents did not have to pay the private school tuition or the fees of the parent paying for this, and put on hold the question of paying for college because he wants to see the family back together.  The parents reportedly have been in tears when talking about the situation.  I know I would be.

We all have our ideas of what a good parent is, and I’d like to think most want to be a good parent and take care of their kids.  I’d also like to think that for most of us helping a child out doesn’t include assisting them to sue their parents.  I feel bad for these parents, and I can’t imagine how awful they feel trying to get through all of this.  One day this girl will probably have her own kids, and as they approach the age of 18 I wonder what her feelings will be on what she put her parents through.

Not Worthy Notes

When my senior year of high school ended I took most of the various memorabilia and notes I had written with friends and put it all in a box.  I don’t know why I did this, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The box moved around with me, and I never really went through it, except to open it, see it was my high school stuff, then close it and put it back in whatever closet it was being stored in.

With Oldest One in her senior year I thought it would be fun to pull all that stuff out and look at it with her.  When I went into our storage closet I couldn’t find it.  I thought I found it, but it was actually college and post-college letters, cards, daily planners and other miscellaneous fun stuff.  It was great going through that, and reading letters from people who are gone now, such as my Dad, my grandmothers and my great-aunt was just wonderful.  I showed Oldest One the cards and letters, some college items I had saved, and the personal ad I placed during a free promotion in the Jewish Newspaper of the city I had just moved to after graduating college.  There were a couple of high school items, such as my graduation cap and tassel, and a couple of ID’s, but not all the notes.

I really wanted to find the high school stuff, and a couple of days ago Husband and I were going through the closet looking for something else, and I found all of it.  It is now in a soft-side business briefcase.  I was so excited to find it that as soon as we found what we needed and put everything back I sat down with it all and started to look through it.

Which was a mistake.  Wow, was I an idiot.  Yes, I was a 17 year old girl getting ready to leave home for the first time to be on my own (hmmm, this sounds familiar), but apparently all of my brain cells were dormant.  If I wasn’t going on about a particular boy (and it seems I was a bit of a stalker from the sound of the notes between my girlfriends and I), I was looking to meet guys, or going to parties, or bored.  Sometimes all of the above at the same time.  I came across a note from one of my good friends talking about her parents going out of town so she was having a party, and could I bring the alcoholic beverages?  What?!  Oh wait, right, I was the only one the drive-through liquor store would sell to without asking for ID.  As if I want to share that.

Then there was my handwriting.  I know I used to dot my i’s with open circles, but didn’t realize how small I wrote.  I had this really rounded writing that didn’t even take up half of the available line space for height, which made it really hard to read.  I owe all of my teachers a huge apology.  Back then most assignments were written by hand, so they must have hated reading my assignments.  My handwriting looked ridiculous.

On a positive note I did read an essay I had done on a poet.  Since I’ve helped several seniors with essays, and see how they write, I had an idea of how I ranked.  The essay was actually pretty good.  It was coherent, put together well, and made sense.  So I must have had some brain cells triggering somewhere in my head.

I have put everything back in the briefcase and on the highest shelf in my bedroom closet.  At some point when I have time alone in the house I’ll take it down and spend time reading more of the notes.  Maybe I’ll find it really isn’t that bad and the handful I glanced through were the oddball ones.  I’m not holding my breath on that being the case.  I’m also not sharing with Oldest One, because she already is questioning my intelligence, and this would only confirm the worst.