Love Doing Nothing

I had such a good weekend! It was the first weekend in months we had nothing scheduled, which was wonderful. And, the girls wanted to spend time with me, which was the best part of the weekend.

Saturday I slept in, and decided not to tackle household projects, but to relax and read. I finished a book and started another, and it was so relaxing. I haven’t been able to read more than a few pages the last month or so, and I can get cranky if I don’t get my reading time. I did get the laundry done, but that didn’t require too much effort.

Saturday I also watched Legally Blonde (again) with the girls. We love that movie, and of course it brought up other movies we needed to watch together if we all find ourselves with no plans on a Saturday afternoon again. Little One watched Netflix DVD’s with Husband and I Saturday night, which again is a treat, because she only gives a movie about ten minutes, and if she doesn’t like what she sees she leaves and goes to her room.

Husband spent Saturday working on the pergola he is building in the backyard. I’ve already claimed it for my outdoor place to read when it is done. Because he was outside all day Little One and I decided to get chicken and frozen veggies from the store for dinner, and she talked me into some French fries because “she had been craving them.” She was happy to have time alone with me to chat.

Sunday I spent the day doing the things I didn’t want to do Saturday. Oldest One did her nails in the living room and chatted with me while I was doing some of it, and then she asked if she could go to Wal-Mart with me. Wow! Oldest One came to my work Friday and we had lunch together, and it was a really good lunch and we talked. Yes, ice cream was involved. But it was nice that she wanted to do a Wal-Mart run with me, and she asked me to go shopping with her next week. I’m on a roll!

I have to mention that Sunday Husband put a new clock spring in Oldest One’s car, which required (at least from what I saw) taking the entire steering wheel column apart and putting it back together. Without the air bag going off. Husband is amazing, because he can pretty much fix whatever is going on with the cars, he builds or fixes or paints or whatever is needed for the house, and he even sews. Really. He is truly a keeper, and I am so lucky he wants to be with me, when I am not a good cook (I can bake, but cooking meals, not so much), I can’t sew, I can’t fix things, and I don’t like to paint. Oh, and he is also an amazing Dad!