Dancing and Cheering

Tonight is Little One’s dance program at school.  Tomorrow is the first cheer competition for our cheer gym.  I had to get Little One’s hair and make-up done this morning because they are performing for the school at an assembly, and then tonight for family and friends.  I still don’t have the lipstick I need for the girls for competition tomorrow.  I’ve been to Wal-Mart and Target and they carry the brand, but not the color.  I’m trying Walgreens, CVS and K-Mart tonight after the dance program.  Oh, and as soon as the competition ends we need to run to the basketball games so the girls can cheer for the school.

I remember how excited Husband and I were at Oldest One’s very first holiday performance in Kindergarten.  All the kids looked adorable, especially ours (with her Pebbles hair-do), and they were so cute as they sang.  Little one was in preschool when she had her first one, and her eyes were sparkling with excitement at being in front of all those people and getting to sing.

Oldest One started competitive cheer a year before Little One, and it took me an hour and a half to do her hair and make-up for the first competition.  We had to be there at 7a, so you can imagine how early we were up.  The next year when Little One started I was at about 45 minutes a girl…the pouf and fake pony tail were a challenge.  Now Oldest One does her own hair (well, I put the curlers in the night before, and no more fake pony tail) and make-up, and I do Little One, and we rarely have to be at the competition site before 11:30a since they compete at later times these days.

There is only this year and next, and then Little One is done with PE so won’t be taking dance at school, and won’t be in the dance program anymore.  This is Oldest One’s last year at our cheer gym – this is her seventh year with them.  Little One still has four years left with the cheer gym after this one, and she has already been there six years.

Husband claims he won’t miss any of this.  There are parts I won’t miss, like badly run competitions, last minute extra practices, and how cold it can be watching the dance program.  But I know I’ll miss cheering for my cheerleaders, and shaking and banging the purple and zebra tambourine the girls gave me one Christmas, which saves my arthritic hand from not moving after clapping too much.  They’ve told me they listen for that tambourine, so I make sure it is loud.  I’ll even miss the expensive out-of-town competitions, because we have some great memories from those trips.

Yes, again, this is a year of looking back as the girls are leaping forward.  I’ve just been having such a fun time with them growing up, and everything they do that I get to support and watch.  I know that won’t end, it will just be happening in a different way.  And, after going to the competition and then running to the basketball game I’m sure by the time I get home tomorrow the misty eyes will be gone, and I’ll be complaining about how awful sitting in bleachers all day has been.