I Don’t Like to Shop

I am not into shopping for clothes for myself.  I never really have been.  I find a few things I like, I’m happy, and I wear the heck out of them.  This week a pair of my work pants ripped and can’t be repaired, so I will be forced to go shopping.  I’m not looking forward to it.

I have never had the huge closet of clothes and shoes some people have.  I currently have 2 pairs of shoes for work, a couple pairs of dressy heels I never wear, 2 half boots I love to wear, and my tennis shoes.  I probably have 7 or 8 tops for work, just winter, and then another 7 or 8 for summer.  I have jeans, 3 sweatshirts, a top or two for winter, and a few tops for summer.  That about sums up my wardrobe.

I do enjoy shopping for the girls.  But they are the ones looking through the racks while I follow behind and hold what they want to try on.  I get to sit on a chair while they pull clothes on and off, giving a yes or no when asked.  It’s a lot of standing and walking, but it beats getting in and out of way more pieces of clothing than I want to be messing with.

In my 20’s I would tell myself I would go each paycheck and pick up one nice item, and build a really nice wardrobe that way.  It never happened.  I would go shopping when I needed an outfit, or if friends were going, but it seemed like too much effort to actually build that wardrobe.  I did enjoy trying on wedding dresses when I had a friend go with me.  It was no fun at all to go with my Mom, and she is the only Mom I have ever heard of who fell asleep while shopping for her daughter’s wedding dress.  I guess it was boring.  In the end Husband went with me and helped me pick out my dress.

I also have the problem that while I’ll spend anything on clothes for the girls, I don’t like to spend a lot on myself.  I’ll look at something, think I should try it, look at the price and put it back.  For some reason I can’t justify spending a lot on clothes, even though I keep my clothes for years.  Right now I am wearing a sweater I bought when Oldest One was a baby.  I’ll probably be wearing it when she graduates college and beyond.  So it should be easy for me to spend money when I manage to go buy things, because I’ll be wearing them for the next 20 years.

Hopefully I’ll find something at the first store I go to, and won’t have to be in cramped, hot dressing rooms for too long.  Maybe I’ll take one of the girls, because they like to pick out things for me to try on.  Or maybe I’ll go home and relax, and do it another day.  If there is ever a thing to procrastinate about, this is it for me.