Out-of-State Competition

We had the first out-of-town competition two weeks ago.  This was our third time at this competition, so we knew what to expect, but every competition is still different from year to year.  It was nice to get out of town, even if we didn’t do anything, and we had a good time.  Oldest One got teary on Day Two when she realized she won’t be there competing with our cheer gym next year.  I think watching the video on the big screen of their performance hit her emotionally.  I don’t usually buy the girls clothes at competitions, because the stuff is so expensive, but this year I bought them each a t-shirt to commemorate Oldest Ones last year at this one.

Cheer competitions have a lot of sitting around for parents.  This one was not an exception.  We had to be there (okay, the girls did) at 7a for the girls team to go on shortly after 9a.  And we do try to watch all the teams in all the categories on the stage in front of us, but after a while they all start to look alike.  We left around 10a Day One, but had to be back at 3:30p for Oldest One to compete with a second team.

Just to make it all more fun, in between competing the passenger window behind the driver decided not to go up after being rolled down.  We sent the girls in the room to change/shower/rest (Oldest One couldn’t shower yet) while Husband tackled the door and I pretended to be helpful.  It was mostly a one person job.  He took the door completely apart, and found the part to roll up the window was completely dead.  So we drove to an auto parts store, but the part wasn’t in stock anywhere in the city we were in.  Husband creatively got the window up, duct taped it, and put the door back together so we could finish out the weekend and get back home.

The hardest part of the weekend was avoiding other parents.  I know, that sounds harsh.  I like the majority of the parents at our cheer gym, but there are some it is just better to not be around because they are proud train wrecks.  I did get cornered on Saturday coming out of the bathroom.  And by cornered I mean this woman wanted to hug me, and I did not want to hug her, but she literally had her arms out and moved with me blocking me off until I gave up and hugged her.  Why does this woman insist on hugging me or touching my hair?

Saturday night we went to a BBQ at the condo rentals several families were at.  I have to say that part of the out-of-town fun is at the end of Day One when several of us Moms get together and do a group hair curl.  The kids don’t complain as much, we help each other so it gets done faster, and it is just a lot of laughing and talking.  This time I only did Oldest One’s hair because another Mom grabbed Little One and put her hair up.   I also do another cheerleader’s hair, but this time a Mom who finished early grabbed her and did her hair.  The kids talk, us Moms chat, and then we all go to our hotels and get to sleep early because we are so tired.

Day Two was the Super Bowl, so Husband went to see both girls team compete around 10:30a and go through awards, and then he hunkered down for some football in the hotel room.  Oldest One and I had been arguing about who would drive, since neither of us wanted to drive in a city we didn’t know.  I drove while she navigated, and I missed the Super Bowl while Oldest One competed with her second team and waited for awards.  Little One came with me so we had time together which was nice.  The bad part was our team competed early, so they were released to parents two hours before awards.  I got the girls food and then we sat on the floor in the lobby (really hard to get up after that long!) until awards.  It seems I got the better deal going to the cheer competition over watching the Super Bowl this year.

Next year Oldest One will fondly think of us sitting in the hotel, waving our arms wildly every 15 minutes when the lights and fan shut down (a quirk of the room timer that doesn’t work right), or remember me stumbling out of bed several times during the night to keep turning the air down because she was hot and throwing covers around and waking Husband and I up.  If the room was kept at about 65 I froze but the girl’s side of the room stayed comfortable.  We will miss her complaining about the lack of water pressure and showerhead made for short people.  I guess I’ll have to argue with Little One, and throw water bottles at her…the arguing I have down, the throwing stuff, well, I might need practice.