Sub-Par? Not Even Close.

Anyone who knows me know how important my girls are too me.  I love them more than I can put into words, I am so proud of all their accomplishments and who they are, and I will happily make sacrifices for them to be able to do things that make them happy, and that will help them become good people and on their future paths.  It’s a given.  Or so I thought.

But then I had a conversation with someone that, by the time it was done, pretty much left me understanding they thought my choice of school, high school specifically, wasn’t a good one.  Understand, education is very important to Husband and me, but apparently we hardly gave it any thought.  I researched the school when we moved to the area, and visited, and talked to people.  It’s a charter school, and my girls have never gone to a traditional public school, because we don’t like the big class sizes, how PE, art and music have been cut, and that the education itself might not be what we wanted.  Oh, and our state ranks one of the last for education, so parents really need to be proactive.

Oldest One will be the first high school class graduating from our school.  She has gone there since 4th grade.  Little One started there in Kindergarten, and plans to attend the high school.  Oldest One only has 20 kids in her class.  She also, as a Senior, has all but 3 credits needed for college, she will finish with a semester of college credits, and being as it is a preparatory academy, has had very challenging classes.  By her freshman year she had already dissected pretty much every animal done in high school.  Driving by dead cats on the side of the road was challenging, because she always wanted me to stop and get them so she could show me how great she was at skinning and dissecting a cat.  Nope, I never did.

But it was implied that my daughter wasn’t getting good science classes, and with such a small class they couldn’t have done labs, because it was too expensive.  Except she did.  Her favorite science class was anatomy.  I am sure every regular public high school kid takes anatomy.  Oh yeah, it’s required at our high school.  You know, the one I didn’t research too well, and that it probably wasn’t a good idea to put my daughter in.

I am hugely pushy about education.  I expect good grades, and for them to learn and understand, and they know college is an expectation, not a choice.  I check their grades (and so do they), and as I’ve already said, I’m pushy with Older One about everything college related.  I’m pushy with Little One, already telling her she will do National Honor Society, and I want her to do something with student government in high school.  Things that will help her with applying to and getting scholarships to college.  Older One has done NHS, Key Club, Student Government, Varsity Cheer…and she has a really good GPA.  Even though she attends a sub-par school.

Did this just set me off?  You bet it did.  Nothing is more important to Husband and I than the girls, and we do everything we can to make sure they can be successful.  Ultimately success is up to them, but without our support (and money!) it would be a lot harder.  And I know they go to a great school.  Little One has 80 kids in her class (which is big for this school), and most of the grades have waiting lists.  Because the teachers and administrators are great, and really care about the kids.  The curriculum is challenging.  The kids are prepared to go to college.  What a horrible place to send them.

I’m fine with people deciding I’m not too bright.  I use it to my advantage.  But don’t you ever imply my kids aren’t, or that I’m not doing right by them with education, or how I raise them.  Messing with my kids always makes me extremely mad.  Like it did just now.