Moving the Furniture

My wonderful Husband took Christmas and Hanukkah down from inside the house on Tuesday. He did the outside right after New Year’s, but we just weren’t getting around to the inside. The girls said they would help, but in that mysterious teenage way weren’t around when I was. Then Monday night I had a meltdown about all the stuff that needed to get done right as we were going to bed. Not good. Not that I had a meltdown, but that I did it before trying to sleep. I was all riled up trying to convince myself I wasn’t so I could sleep.

My wonderful Husband took taking everything down a step further. Since I had an issue with my leg in late August that kept me from sitting or walking for a month I’ve been stretching out in our big recliner. Husband and I usually shared the loveseat because we like to be right by each other in the evenings, and it is easier to hold hands and touch feet. But the recliner wasn’t close to the loveseat, and I actually had to look back at him to share a laugh.

When we put the tree up Husband put our chaise lounge on the back patio and brought the extra recliner in so we didn’t lose seating. I said we should put the recliners side by side and move the loveseat so we could be next to each other again. So Tuesday when he took everything down he moved the chaise lounge back in, and it shares a wall with the loveseat, and the recliners are next to each other and we each have a side table. The couch stayed where it was.

It has been so great to sit next to Husband again! Last night we had a school meeting so we got home fairly late (for us), and after I showered we sat down for Husband to watch TV and for me to read (and watch TV…you truly can’t watch enough Friends no matter how many times you’ve seen the episodes). I could look over at him easily, we held hands, he had his foot on my recliner so our feet were touching, and my leg was still stretched out and elevated so I was comfortable. Life got a little better with that small furniture move.