Another Halloween Under the Belt

Halloween. The candy, the cute kids in costume, the hordes of teenagers in my house. Halloween has certainly evolved. I remember being excited as a kid to get a Barbie Bride costume, one of the ones with the plastic mask you had to take off between houses to breathe and the fun tie-on gown costume. I really loved that year. Now I’m excited when the girls actually find something they’ll wear, and when ALL the teenagers romping around my house are dressed and ready to go.

Little One was easy this year, and found her costume early. She had two friends come over, and one brought a younger brother and sister as well as her Great-Grandparents, Grandma and Uncle, which Husband and I enjoyed because they are a great family. Little One and her friends got out, got tons of candy (she had 115 pieces of candy she liked, not to mention what went into the not-wanted pile) and were done trading and gone by around 8:45p. They dressed themselves, kept in touch by text, and didn’t need much assistance.

Then we get to Oldest One. It took almost an hour for me to get home from work; that Halloween freeway traffic is something else. She was calling as I was getting off the freeway. I needed to do her hair. And two of the boys were coming right from football practice so needed to shower, and then one of them needed a pair of jeans Husband doesn’t fit into anymore. And pillowcases. Oh, and they each had free pizza coupons! And then Oldest Ones hair was a two-part process to get the curls right. They were going “extreme trick or treating”, which meant they piled into cars and drove to different neighborhoods to beg for candy. But they didn’t leave the house until 8:15p, so they ended up going to the store and buying their own candy because they were too late. Really.

By the time Little One was heading for bed (and really cranky) and I was heading for the shower the teens were piling into the living room to watch a scary movie. And eating pizza, chips and candy and drinking soda. So they weren’t going to be sleeping anytime soon. As I headed to bed I reminded them how mean my Oldest One can be when she is tired, and let them know I was way worse, and that waking me up wouldn’t be a good thing for anyone. The boys all agreed that waking me was bad (because we had mostly boys for some reason), and promised to be somewhat quiet. Which they actually were.

I won’t have this next year, because Oldest will be at college. Little One won’t be quite ready for “extreme trick or treating” or for having the hordes converging on our house. So I made sure to thoroughly enjoy last night, and have fun doing Oldest Ones hair, and interacted with the older kids, and just took great pleasure in all of the chaos. Husband did too, because Oldest One got her acceptance letter to her college of choice on Halloween, and he was so proud of her, and happy for her, and sad because she is growing up so fast. Me too. Halloween 2013:  GREAT!!!