Bunny Fur Balls

Little One’s Bunny is quite spoiled. This isn’t a bad thing, because it means Little One isn’t just taking care of Bunny, but going above and beyond to make sure Bunny will thrive.  She is always reading on websites the best way to intellectually stimulate a rabbit, and about making sure a rabbit gets enough exercise.  When it comes to Bunny’s diet she is determined to make sure Bunny eats the way the websites say will keep her the healthiest.

I really like the rabbit, and find her fun to watch. If you’ve never seen a rabbit hopping up or down stairs you just haven’t lived.  Bunny is allowed to wander around if Little One is home to supervise, otherwise she stays in her large cage (2 rabbit cages connected together).  Bunny adores Little One, and likes to know she isn’t far away.  If Little One forgets to close the door on the rabbit cage when she goes to bed she will wake up at some point to find Bunny on the bed snuggled next to her.

The other night Little One Snap Chatted video and pictures to me of Bunny with fur around her on the floor. Whatever Little One was saying in the video was garbled, but since rabbits shed, I figured that was what she was nattering about.  A while after that she came downstairs with Bunny in her arms, wanting me to hold her.  I hold her often, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I was laying on my side, so I had her put Bunny kind of on my chest, and I had the blanket pulled up so Bunny’s claws would go on that and not through my thin shirt.  All of a sudden Bunny looked at me (which I know because I was looking at her), opened her mouth and SPIT FUR AT ME.  What the heck?  The fur was, oddly enough, dry, but still, it was disgusting.

When Little One came back (after Husband and I both yelled she needed to get downstairs) she was laughing. She knew Bunny had a mouthful of fur when she gave her to me.  Apparently it is not uncommon for female rabbits to pull their fur off that is shedding and take mouthfuls of it to build a nest.  If they aren’t nesting they just spit it out…wherever they are.  Husband laughed, Little One laughed, and Oldest One thought it was gross but laughed when I told her Little One knew Bunny had a fur ball waiting to launch.

A sense of humor is definitely needed to get through life right now, and things like this absolutely take my mind off of the pain and my medical issues for a bit. I’m sure that’s why Little One did this.  Nothing beats a loving family and silly animals!