Puke and a Bunny

My plan for last night was to work on the Christmas gifts I’m making for the girls.  Time is getting short, and I want to get them done and wrapped.  Didn’t do a darn thing with them last night.

Before I even left work Little One was calling and telling me she didn’t feel good and her stomach hurt.  I was still a half hour from leaving work and about a 45 minute drive home, Husband was on a work call and couldn’t leave, and both girls were about to start school cheer practice.  I told her to sip a Sprite and to sit practice out.  Five minutes later she called again to let me know she had thrown up and one of the Mom’s we are friends with was bringing her home.  I left work a bit late, and I got a call as I was leaving, and she was completely incoherent and hysterical.  I called Husband (he was outside) and he took care of Little One and the puke explosion that had occurred in the kitchen.

By the time I got home she was in bed asleep.  I took that as a good sign.  I really should know better.  Husband and I brought the bunny inside and put her in her cage in Little One’s room, and she slept through us doing that.  I could definitely smell the bunny’s litter box, so I figured when she woke up I’d clean it for her.  I did hear her wake up as she was violently puking in the bathroom.  I ran upstairs and held her hair (not much else I could do), and got her back into bed.  I figured I’d do the litter box quick and get to the gifts.

Except that not only was the litter box full, but the cage had litter and bunny poop all over.  What in heaven’s name had the bunny been doing?  She’d been outside most of the day!  So I started with just dumping the litter box instead of trying to scoop.   Mind you, the bunny is still in the cage.  I then began sweeping the litter and poop towards the middle of the cage, starting on the side the bunny isn’t on.  Bunny thinks this is a fun game, so she is nudging my moving hand and doing half hops with her back legs.  I moved her to the clean side of the cage to get started on the other side.  Bunny discovers the litter/poop bag, and wants to investigate.

So I take Bunny out of the cage, and realize Little One is not in bed.  Since I have a squirming bunny in one hand I don’t go see where she is; I close the bedroom door, close the closet door, and put the bunny down.  Bunny loves to get under the bed, so I’m now on my hands and knees on the floor trying to block off the bottom of the bed with anything I can find.  This becomes dirty clothes, shoes, and finally a blanket.  Then I can go back to the cleaning.  I’m getting sweaty at this point.

Bunny thinks I’m on the floor to play with her, so she is right next to me trying to get my attention.  I was thankful she didn’t let out a bunny scream (they are awful) when I move and my knee lands on her front paw.  She just did a thumping bounce at me.  The dustpan I am using is too big to fit through the cage opening, so I have to get what I can in the pan, dump it into the bag which is in the cage, and then do the process again.  Little One comes back in (from puking again) and flops on the floor, so Bunny left to go get her attention.  I finally finished, the cage and litter box were clean, and Bunny got back into her cage and stretched out to sleep.  I showered and put on clean clothes.  Little One went downstairs to lay on the couch.

I spent part of the night sleeping in Little One’s bed fighting one dog for a pillow and being woken up by the other dog wanting to know what I was doing in that bed.  Poor Little One couldn’t sleep, and kept waking me up.  She threw up one last time at 1a, at which time I apologized and felt terrible, but I went back to my bed after I got her settled back in her bed so I could get a few hours of sleep (because I knew she would wake me up again, which she did at 2:30a) to function at work.  This morning she looked awful, but she has finals, so she went to school for those, and it’s a half day, so she will be home and back in bed by noon.

Tonight I plan to work on the last gifts for the girls, to get them done and wrapped.  What can I say, I am forever the optimist!