Whose the Broad?

Broad with a Blog.  I like the image it evokes in my mind, that of Mae West maybe, a strong, secure and sexy woman who says what she wants, acts like she wants, and who men want and women say they dislike but really want to be good friends with.  A woman who is always in the middle of fun and adventure and a hot commodity on the party scene.  So not who I am.

I thought I should check on the definition of Broad, the one besides referring to the size of something.  I went to Urban Dictionary, and wow, it really opened up what it means.  Most of it was new information to me, such as being really high after smoking weed, it can refer to a piece of meat with a hole in it (umm, okay), it can designate hired girls at private parties (and some not paid to be at a private party), and it also refers to something to do with my girly parts I’m not going into.  The original term referring to women came about in the 1930’s, and can’t you just see all the women with cigarettes and glasses of alcohol vamping it up in the clubs.

I’m not a broad in the Mae West sense of the word, although I wouldn’t mind it.  I’m just not comfortable enough in my skin.  I am 40-something, weigh more than I used to (I call it being cuddly), with long, curly blonde hair.  I love my hair.  I’m just snarky and outspoken enough, with a really loud laugh to fall into being a Broad.  Really loud laugh.  But I’m often uber-aware of how I am acting, what I am saying, and how everything I do might be perceived.  You might not know this about me; I’ve been told I am seen as self-confident.  But I’m not.  I want to be in the middle of fun and adventure and the life of the party.  But I’m not.

I tried blogging before, but my family and friends knew I was doing it, and I really had a hard time saying anything because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Something I don’t think Broads worry about, and which I don’t want to worry about, but I do.  Which is why I am starting out this one by being anonymous.  I realize if enough people read this (and really, I’m not expecting this to become the next big thing) eventually it will be known who I am, and at that time if someone wants to take any of this personally and get hurt feelings, well, sorry about that, it is what it is.  And, who would expect a Broad to be politically correct anyway?  That’s part of the fun when I do get snarky.  Of course I’ll be discussing what I see and hear in my life.  Where else would I find this stuff?

I have a Husband, two daughters, and assorted animals.  I love my life, and I’m very happy.  But I sometimes get negative and cranky about things, and I’m sure you’ll see it here.  Along with the good stuff.  I have no idea where this blog will go.  Husband mentioned starting one about our male dog called Places Fido Pees, but I don’t think I’ll be that creative.  That dog does pee everywhere, and in or on some strange places and things.  He’s a dog, I won’t try to understand, I’ll just love the furry little guy.  My main goal is just to write, because I like to, but writing a book wasn’t something I enjoyed when I tried.  I love reading, I have great ideas in my mind, but getting them on paper was not enjoyable.  And if I don’t really get many readers, that’s okay.  This is for me, and to entertain myself, and since I am easily entertained all will be good.  I figure I get to be snarky, funny, emotional, cranky, on my high-horse…whatever I feel without worrying about what someone else will think.