Sorry, Your Book Sucks

I’ve mentioned before how I love to read. And, since I’ve been stuck in the house for over 3 months, I’ve done a lot of reading.  And watching the Walton’s, but yesterday I finished Season 9, Episode 22, so I’m done.  I’m quite sad.

Before I forget, if you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, keep you interested (not want to put down and sleep interested), and is just a great read I have two suggestions. The first is Where in the OM Am I? by Sara DiVello.  I could connect to Sara, empathize with her, and it definitely made me laugh at times.  The other one is Kevin and I in India by Frank Kusy.  True story of Frank and Kevin travelling around India, you can’t miss reading this, it is fabulous!

Because I haven’t been working I’ve been taking advantage of all the free books out there. I really like, and they have both free and low cost books.  It can be hit and miss with the free books, but for the most part I have read a lot of good books, and it has been a bonus of my body falling apart.  Because there has to be a bonus somewhere when that happens.

I’ve also read books that weren’t good. The other night I finished a book that was so badly contrived and written I can’t believe I finished it.  I will say the romance genre isn’t my preferred read, but I have read many this year (free!) that were good.  I think I was hoping this one would get better, right until I finished it.  The character was completely unlikeable, the two plots didn’t go well…hot mess doesn’t cover this.  Yes, it was free, but it still shouldn’t be out there teasing people with a good read that really just tortures them.  The book is Over You by Christine Kersey.

I can’t bring myself to leave bad feedback. Mainly because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of someone who has tried hard, and put themselves out there.  I’d feel bad saying any nice variation of Your Book Sucks to someone, so I don’t.  I rarely read what other people say about books, preferring to go by what the book is about.  At the same time I feel like the public should be warned.  I did go back to Amazon, and there are a lot of bad reviews (48 people gave it under 3 stars, but 62 people gave it 5 stars, and 55 gave it 4 stars…maybe they read a different version?), so others have tried.  I just can’t do it.  Because, as the reviews for this book show, even though I found the book awful, a lot of other people are going on to read the next book.

Even a bad book doesn’t diminish my love of reading. I’ll always have a list of books to read, and the excitement and anticipation of where the next book will take me.  For every book I’ve read I didn’t like there have been at least 20 that have made up for it.  And maybe for me it’s better not to leave feedback, because I don’t want to judge what I read (yes, I just did, I know), but just enjoy the experience reading gives me.