Getting Back

It has been way too long since I posted anything. At first it was because life got a little crazy with my getting a promotion at work (yay!), the girls graduating (another yay!), and everything that went into all of that.  But then my life fell apart, and that is really why I haven’t posted.

I think letting the bad get in the way of my writing has not been good for me. I was really enjoying writing, and it made me happy.  I enjoyed reading the postings of everyone I followed, which also made me happy.  But in the long months since I’ve not posted, I also haven’t read the blogs I follow.  I intend for all of this to stop today.

At the beginning of summer my body gave up, the intense pain started, and I’ve pretty much been stuck in a recliner. I started out stuck in bed or on the air mattress Husband put up in the living room, so upgrading to the recliner was actually great.  With the help of a cane I can walk a little, and stand a little, and I can sit in a chair a little.  I can’t do any of these activities a lot, which is restrictive.  I haven’t been to work since this started, but I have watched almost the entire 9 seasons of The Walton’s!

I’ve had 7 procedures, and I was so very hopeful after the 7th, which happened 2 weeks ago. But, I don’t think it worked (although I’m supposed to give it a full month to take effect), because my pain spread a little, and I am having more problems walking than I was.  So now I have to get all of my records together and make appointments with surgeons.  I’ve said in the past that there was no way I would consider surgery unless I was to the point where I couldn’t walk and I was in constant pain…which is where I am, so now I have to hope I am a surgical candidate.

Pain is so wearing. I’ve lived with constant but manageable pain for 6 years, but what I am going through now beats all of that.  I’m on so many medications to help the pain I had to set alarms for when I’m supposed to take them, and then remember what I’m supposed to take when the alarm goes off.  I use 3 different over-the-counter creams when I go to bed to try and numb the pain so I can fall asleep.  I rotate them so I have a better chance of them not losing their effectiveness over time by my skin getting used to them.  Even with all of this I constantly hurt, and hurt fairly high on the pain scale…being at a 6 is a good day for me.

I am not doing too bad staying cheerful and optimistic, although Husband might say differently. I think blogging again, and reading other bloggers will definitely improve my days, especially since I’m almost out of Walton’s episodes to watch.  I really do have a lot of wonderful people in my life, and good things happening.  I can’t let the pain diminish that, and more importantly, I won’t.  So, I’m looking forward to reconnecting to blogging and bloggers, and upping the good over the not good in my life.  Happy Monday!

Thank You!!!

I want to send a really big Thank You for taking the the time to look at my blog, read some of it, and decide to like and follow me.

I don’t have my blog linked into any social networking, because I didn’t want the pressure I would put on myself wondering how I was doing and what people thought of my writing.  I tried a blog before that was tied in with my Facebook page, and I found it so hard to write.  This time has been much easier because I don’t feel the pressure of being judged (and I doubt anyone was judging me, but still…).

There are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers on WordPress, and not enough time in the day to get to all of them.  The fact that you found my blog and wanted to look at it really left me speechless.  I just started writing and posting, and wasn’t checking to see if anybody had looked at what I was doing.  When I did I was stunned to see that people were following me and had liked my posts.  It was truly an amazing feeling.

I now have 39 fantastic people following, and that is just so incredible!  Since I decided not to actively promote it, but just to enjoy writing and see where this takes me it has been wonderful to see that I have resonated with people, enough so that they wanted me to know they liked what I wrote, and that they decided to follow me to keep seeing what else I came up with.

Thank You all for making this adventure in blogging so much fun!