Loving the Laughter

Husband always makes me laugh. I rarely get mad at him, but when I do it really isn’t worth it because he’ll give me a little while to be grumpy then make me laugh, and you just can’t be mad at someone who is making you laugh.  Try it.  You’ll see.

He especially loves to make me laugh when we are going to bed. We rarely go right to sleep, we usually chat for a while.  Even now, when I’m here with him all day, bedtime is when we often have our best conversations.  Unless I’m laughing so hard I can’t talk, in which case it’s me gasping and him talking, seeing how long until I need to run to the bathroom.  Hey, I’m mid-40’s, gave birth twice, and it is what it is.

Last night before I got into bed I grabbed one of the water bottles on my nightstand to take a drink. It was the “older” one, and been sitting there a couple of days.  I opened it up, took a big swig, and then the smell of the bottles inside hit me.  I have no idea why it smelled like a sewer, but I wasn’t going to swallow what was in my mouth.  So I spit it back into the water bottle.  Which has that really small opening.  Which meant that the water actually landed on my pajama top, the floor, and the bed.

I have no idea when Husband looked over, but when I looked up he had the “what the heck are you doing” look, and he was off. I was then wet, laughing, trying to put socks on, and unable to do much more than lay there and laugh as he kept going on about this.  I know I’m not describing it well, but trust me, he knows my buttons, when to push them, and how to keep me laughing.

Even now I’m laughing thinking of last night. It’s a good feeling to smile and laugh, and I’m so glad Husband likes to make me laugh.  I can’t imagine our lives without all the laughter and silliness, and I hope one day the Girls, when they are around 30, will experience this with their husbands.  Life is too short to not laugh as often as possible.

2 comments on “Loving the Laughter

  1. Anna says:

    Humor has deterred many an argument in my marriage too. Great advice! 🙂

  2. Thank You! Besides humor, if we are not happy with each other, we still go to bed in the same bed. No sleeping apart unless one of us is traveling for work. It’s hard to be mad when your feet touch in the middle of the night!

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