Keeping in Touch

When Oldest One started driving, I got in the habit of saying “Keep in touch” when she left the house. This was a final reminder after the 32 others I had given that she needed to text me when she got where she was going, and when she left, and any time in between if something changed.  Then, when she got home, if we were in bed (her curfew as a senior in high school on the weekends was one a.m., and sometimes I just couldn’t stay awake) we had various ways she could let us know she was home:  text me, turn off a light we left on, come wake me up…the possibilities were all about the parental units being woke up.  I got into the habit of charging my cell phone at night next to my bed, so if I was needed I would hear my phone and could instantly wake Husband up and send him to fix the emergency.

Oldest One is very good about keeping in touch. We allowed her to go to a couple of concerts her senior year, with an extended weeknight curfew.  Since Husband and I had to go to work the next morning, we went to bed before she came home.  Those were long nights.  She would text when the concert ended, then she would text when they got to the car.  Then she would text they were going to get something to eat, and when they got to the restaurant, and when they left…until she got home I wasn’t really getting to sleep, because my phone kept going off.  But I wasn’t going to complain, because she always kept in touch.

Now she is in college, and of course she doesn’t have a curfew. We ended the curfew this summer anyway, without telling her, because we felt she needed the responsibility before she left home.  She figured it out when we never said no to her coming home later when asked.  She is actually good about keeping in touch, and we get calls several times a week, giving us the highlights of what is going on.  She is big on using Snap Chat, and we get pictures too, which is nice.  And the pictures come at all hours.  Anytime, day or night.

Last night, or rather early this morning, my phone went off. I was wasn’t really asleep, as I was having one of those nights where I wake up every half hour from the pain, but I still kind of leaped (as well as I could) out of bed for the phone.  If something is wrong, even though she is 2 hours away, I am right there to help.  It was a Snap Chat video, so I ignored it, and got back in bed.  It was after 1 a.m.  When I looked at it this morning, it was something about French braiding hair.  Quite important.

But, at least she took my words to heart, and she is keeping in touch. And that is what is important.  I know she has made a lot of new friends, for the most part she likes her classes, and she is having fun being in a sorority.  I know her sleeping habits, because she told me, I know where she eats, and I know she is having fun at fraternity parties.  Which is all good, and things I want to hear.  But not after I go to bed.  I won’t say that to her, because 1 a.m. for her is totally different than it is for me.  And because I want to keep getting the videos and phone calls.  And because it’s nice to know she really does want to keep in touch.

2 comments on “Keeping in Touch

  1. Ohhh…. I’m gonna need your advice. And, lots of it! 🙂

  2. It’s all been learned through trial and error! I’m always happy to share, because us Mom’s have to stick together!

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