Evening Walks

Husband and I recently started walking in our neighborhood. My leg is finally, knock wood, to a point where I can start something to get me active again. My leg is still numb on the top of my thigh, and isn’t quite bending right, so my options are limited. We decided walking would be the best, especially since I could go as slow as I needed. Our second week of doing it I bought a new pair of tennis shoes, as my older ones were not giving the support I need, and all was good.

I am really enjoying the walks. We’ve lived in the neighborhood 8.5 years, but I always see it in the car, driving somewhere. Now I get to see it while strolling through it, and I can see what renovations and landscaping has been done. I get to see the different house styles, and what’s been done (or not) with the one acre lots. I’ve said hello to people on other streets I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I’m making friends with several dogs that run along fences, tongues hanging out, excited to see some humans who will talk to them (they all look quite spoiled, none of them are at all neglected).

Being with Husband is the best part of taking these walks. We hold hands as soon as we walk out the door, and keep holding hands until we are back at the front door. We talk about our day, about the kids, about all sorts of things. Because there are no kids around, no TV or music, or paperwork or computers we are focused on each other. It is wonderful. I look forward to taking these daily walks, and feel sad if we miss a day. Saturdays are hard to get the walks in with everything else going on.

We started walking as a way to get more active, but, at least for me, the walks have become so much more. Come summer we won’t be able to walk around the neighborhood because it will be too hot, and I’ll miss seeing the dogs and saying hi to people. We’ll probably have to drive over to the mall, and do our walk there. Where we walk won’t matter though, as long as we are holding hands and talking, and enjoying being with each other.