One Bunny at a Time

Yesterday I picked Little One up from a youth group event, and she said the family whose house it had been at might be getting rid of their bunny. Little One wasn’t all that interested, because white bunnies have pink eyes, which is a little freaky to her. But, if they couldn’t find anyone to give it to she would want to take it and give it a good home, and not have it go to a shelter.

Little One has a bunny, a very spoiled bunny. She had been campaigning to get one, so last June Husband took her to the feed store by our house and let her pick out a bunny. She picked a grey and white one who has turned out to be very sweet, friendly, and a very good pet. We had bunny cages from previous bunnies, and also an outdoor bunny run. Little One spent her summer bonding with her bunny, and they were very cute together.

Little One still gives a lot of time and attention to her bunny. With her school and cheer schedule she does need help, so Husband puts the bunny in the bunny run several times a week so she can spend a day digging holes (which he will fill up so she can dig them again). Little One reads about bunnies on the Internet and has several pages she has Liked on Facebook. She is always asking to buy treats and toys for her bunny, to keep the bunny entertained and happy.

Husband recently expanded the indoor bunny cage in Little One’s bedroom with the second cage we own, so the bunny now has an L-shaped cage to romp around in. She was a little hesitant at first, but after Little One spent an afternoon pushing her between cages to get the hang of it the bunny was all about it. She has her litter box, food, and water in one cage, and hay and toys with room to stretch out in the other. It looks like bunny heaven, and she seems to be getting a bit bigger; or maybe it is just how I see her laying.

I’m not excited about another bunny, because it’s an extra cage (they would need to be kept apart) in Little One’s bedroom and an extra responsibility for a 14 year old that already has a lot going on. I wouldn’t say no if they were going to give it to a shelter, but I’m not saying yes until all other avenues have been tried. I really like our current bunny, and enjoy interacting with her when I can. I think a second bunny would require extra parent help, which I can give, but don’t know that I’m excited about. I think our new mantra needs to be One Bunny at a Time.

2 comments on “One Bunny at a Time

  1. Anna says:

    Our daughter has a grey brindle bunny. We adore him. He’s fat and happy. I have a question you may be able to answer.

    Can an adult bunny be litter trained? He’s outside but brought in a lot.

    He would be brought in all the time if accidents didn’t happen. I took pictures of him over the weekend and plan to share on my blog sometime this week.

  2. I would think an adult bunny can be trained. Years ago I adopted a bunny from the County, and he was older, and he took right to the litter box. He may have been trained previously, but that wasn’t part of the information we received. For all the bunnies I’ve owned I’ve always had a litter box in the cage, and then when we let them out to play in the house we put the litter box out where they can see it and get to it, and they’ve always used it.

    Our bunny is indoors and plays outdoors, and she didn’t go outdoors until she was comfortable in her new cage and with my daughter. I don’t know if that makes a difference in litter box training. I’ll ask my daughter, and see what she has found in her research.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your bunny pictures! My daughter takes at least 20 pictures a week of hers, so I’ll have to grab some and post them.

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