Wonderful Seniors (The Ones in High School)

This weekend Oldest One was honored as a senior athlete just before the Boys Varsity basketball game.  Because cheerleading runs through two seasons the honors and banquets come at the end of basketball season.  She was really excited about this, and so were we.

We weren’t sure we would make the basketball game because we had a competition with club cheer.  It turned out that the girls team pulled out (after we drove 45 minutes to the venue) because we had a sick flyer who couldn’t be there, two girls with broken fingers and the competition was running two hours behind before it even started.  So, although the team had been ready for competition, it worked out for us as we made the Girls Varsity basketball game too.

Before the Boys Varsity game started all the cheerleaders, Girls Varsity and Boys Varsity members lined up on the court.  Each senior athlete was given a candy bar/Hershey Kisses arrangement and two roses.  The honorees each wrote a letter that was read aloud thanking whoever they wanted, and saying what it meant to have been part of the team and school through the years.  Then the school said something about each senior.  It was such a great ceremony.

Oldest One was the first one honored, and she is the only senior cheerleader.  The very first people she thanked were Husband and I, which made us feel so much love for her.  Yes, all the kids thanked their parents, but not necessarily first, and she thanked us for all of our cheer support over the years.  One of the basketball players we often feed and who is at our house a lot also thanked us for our support, which was completely unexpected, and really touched us.

All of the seniors have been accepted to college, and most have a scholarship.  Oldest One has an academic scholarship that pays tuition for four years.  None of our state universities give cheerleading scholarships.  Some of the kids are going to be playing football at a community college on scholarship, which is so awesome considering this is the first high school graduating class for our small charter school.

It has been a privilege to watch these kids grow up, and to see where they are going on the next part of their adventures.  I once had a co-worker who told me her house had been the gathering place for kids when her children were in high school, and many of the kids had stayed in touch with her, and she had gone to graduations and weddings for them, and got to see their children.  I hope Husband and I will be that lucky; to get to continue to be a part of the lives of the kids who invade our house, make a lot of noise, eat everything not nailed down, and truly help to make our house a great home.

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