Sleep. I Need Sleep.

Sleep Deprivation:  The state where certain people in your office make you want to slap them hard and scream “Are you really that stupid?!”, but instead you smile vaguely and act stupid yourself so they leave you alone.

Like any parent I am very intimate with sleep deprivation.  Or I was.  It’s one of the challenges of having young children.  As they get older, it gets better.  Yes, you kind of lose some sleep once they are driving and staying out later than you are awake, but it is nothing compared to the eye bags and fuzzy brain of early parenthood.

With a 17 year old and a 13 year old those days are long gone.  Right.  I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep at my desk today drooling.  I have a 9 hour work day and then a school parent meeting that will probably be a good two hours tonight.  This barely awake state is all being blamed on wisdom teeth and energy sources.

Monday Oldest One had all four wisdom teeth removed.  Never fun, and I knew the week could be challenging.  The first night was fine, until 5a.  I get up at 5:40a to get ready for work.  First she needed some medication for the pain, and then she was throwing up.  She needed me.  The second night I was up at 1a with her.  She hadn’t been able to hold food or meds down most of the day, so I needed to have her eat a pudding cup before giving her medication.  Never good to see the medication end up in the toilet whole right after it goes down.  Sleep wasn’t as important as taking care of her.

Then, Little One had a project on the energy sources for our state due today that needed to be put together last night.  She is usually really good about her projects, and I only have to proofread.  Not this one.  In her defense, we’ve had quite a week, and she hasn’t been home to work on it.  This was a poster board, not a PowerPoint presentation, and she needed help with formatting, printing, cutting, gluing…all of it.  But, to make it more fun, this was a night she didn’t get home until after 9p.  Husband and I tried to print the stuff and have it ready, but the three of us ended up getting to bed around 11:15p.  All the power plants in this state look alike in pictures.  Or maybe it was just me hallucinating as I helped with that part.

I was making faces as I drove into work to keep myself awake.  I have two Mt. Dews, and I’m hoping that is enough.  They are only 12 ounces each.  I am not a person who functions well sleep deprived, and I don’t look at being this tired as a personal challenge to overcome.  I count the hours until I can go to bed, and calculate how much more sleep I might get than the last few nights.  I also try to avoid talking to anyone, which is hard since my job requires me to interact with a lot of people.

I think when the girls were young it was just a part of life, so being constantly sleep deprived was merely a charming aspect of who I was.  Now that I am back to sleeping regularly not enough sleep makes for a cranky girl.  Downright mean actually.  I know the girls didn’t get together and gleefully plan the best way to make Mom shuffle like a zombie, and that they are tired, and so is Husband.  Aaand, it doesn’t make a difference how tired they are, this is all about me right now, and how everyone around me is so darn annoying today!


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